"Helping People with Cancer"

The Mission of Bleep Cancer is to provide  education, information, and resources that can improve your health and long-term survival with cancer.

Hello, my name is Richard Golden, the founder of BleepCancer.org 
Let me share with you my story and what I have learned.


I was diagnosed with life threatening stage 4 adrenocortical carcinoma in 2006 - a rare type of cancer occurring in less than 2 people per million each year - with a very poor prognosis, and an average life expectancy of 20 months.  Three years later, in 2009, I was diagnosed with a second primary cancer; stage 2 colon cancer.

I have been living with stage 4 cancer for nearly thirteen (13) years and my journey continues. I have far exceeded my original prognosis and lived way beyond my own expectation.  I created this web site to help people living with cancer. 

In the course of my journey I learned conventional medicine offers no cure for stage 4 types of cancers which led me to seek out alternative and unconventional treatments.

I discovered there is a whole other world of people outside of the conventional medical establishment that are treating people with cancer successfully.

You can begin to learn about their methods and treatments by visiting my Cancer Clinics web page.  

My book "Bleep Cancer, A long term Survival Guide for people with Cancer," shares my experience and knowledge seeking ways to treat cancer outside of standard conventional practices.  Visit The Book web page and request a free electronic copy of my book.

Together we can build on this knowledge and one day in the early part of this 21st century, we will cure cancer once and for all.

All to often a person newly diagnosed with cancer is in fear for his life, confused, uncertain and uneducated about his disease and is quick to leave the questions of his health and cancer treatment to someone else.

Let's reduce that fear with the knowledge needed to take advantage of every option available in making decisions on the future of your overall health, cancer treatments, and long term survival with cancer.

A person with cancer who educates themselves and learns which questions to ask by taking charge of their own healing has the best chance of earning their health back.

A message from my daughter Arielle

"With your help we can overcome my father’s illness, death sentence, or as I like to see it: his Golden Opportunity. My father’s life is valuable because if blessed with a long and healthy life I know he will make every moment count and he will work to change this world in which we live in by enlightening people with knowledge. He will spark a new and better way of viewing “modern” medicine and cancer treatments, benefiting the lives of everyone in the future."

Help us seize this “Golden Opportunity”. Thank you! Arielle.


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