"Helping People with Cancer"

Health at Home - sharing ways to improve our quality of life and resist the proliferation of cancer in our body.

These are things you can do at HOME for yourself or with the help of others to improve your HEALTH. 


A healthy diet is crucial to our long term survival with cancer and is just down right good for you.

Mmmm, delicious, nutritious, and life sustaining juices, smoothies, and raw green foods are a passion of mine.

I learned the importance of food in are our long term survival with cancer at Hippocrates Health Institute in 2007 during my 3 week life style change program in West Palm Beach, Florida. I am a huge fan of eating raw greens and drinking green juices. I feel that much of the reason I have experienced such an extraordinary quality of life for someone living with stage IV cancer is because of these kind of foods in my daily Diet.





Guided Meditation

Art Therapy




Peaceful Productivity

Spiritual Practices

Mantra Meditation



Educational Videos

Recommended Reading

And much much more....

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