"Helping People with Cancer"
Free Educational Services

My services as a Cancer Support Educator are provided at no charge for cancer patients and their loved ones who want to help.  However, donations are appreciated.  I am NOT a non-profit organization therefore any donation is NOT tax deductible.  Funds are used for BleepCancer research, book printing, client education, and my on going cancer treatment.  

This information is for educational purposes only and is based on my own experience and the research of other reliable sources.

I am a Certified Cancer Support Educator  for people living with cancer and for those with loved ones living with this disease.   If you are interested in learning more about alternative cancer treatment options, supportive therapies, and life style choices that support your long term survival with cancer please contact me.

E-mail:  Richard@BleepCancer.org
Phone: 610-310-9271
Skype: Richard.Golden2

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